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The scent of beautiful flowers

Scent is such a popular element of cut flowers – isn’t it true that most of us automatically, without even thinking about what we are doing, smell a bouquet the minute we receive it?

Flower scents are among the most loved of all smells, and the perfume industry spends an enormous amount of money and a huge amount of effort in trying to replicate the perfume of fresh flowers.

Many flowers have truly exquisite scents among them are hyacinth flowers, muscari flowers, oriental lily flowers,  lily of the valley flowers, jasmine flowers, peony flowers , stocks, stocks  tazetta narcissi flowers and tuberose flowers. Traditional English roses also have amazing perfumes.

In general, white or pale coloured flowers have the strongest scents, but freesia flowers are the exception to this as the darker pink and red varieties have the strongest scents.

It has also been discovered that the scents of certain flowers can positively effect our emotional well being. For example, the scent of orange blossom or lavender can have a sedative effect, while the scent of roses is a relaxant and citrus is a pick me up.

When you have flower arrangements in your home, it is good to remember that cool rooms offer the best chance of very long vase life for your flowers, but a warmer room will cause the flowers to release more of their perfume. A very cool room will inhibit the full release of flower perfumes.

We love crafting beautiful scented hand tied bouquets at Sherree Francis flowers, with our personal favourite being any bouquet including peony flowers.

For wedding flowers, large massed arrangements including oriental lily flowers, tuberose and stocks will create an exquisite scent that will fill even the largest rooms.

For bridal bouquets, the number one choices are peony flowers and of course, lily of the valley. However, both of these flowers have a very short season, so if you wedding is at a time when they are not available, you could substitute traditional English David Austin roses, or include jasmine, tuberose or narcissi in your bouquet.

We thought we would give some helpful tips regarding flower scents, to help people choose a fragrant hand tied bouquet to perfectly suit any occasion, and to match the personality of any recipient.

If you want to send an aromatic bouquet – choose eucalyptus, rosemary, dill and lavender
For an invigorating citrus bouquet – choose waxflower, lemon verbena, and mimosa
If you’re after a spicy or peppery fragrance – go for stocks, dianthus, hypericum and chrysanthemums.
For a gorgeous, heavy and oriental aroma – Choose gardenia, oriental lily, tuberose, stephanotis and narcissi. 
For light, floral scents – go for freesia, peony, hyacinth, lilac, rose and bouvardia.
November 14, 2018 by Sherree Francis-Bryan