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Here are some helpful tips to help ensure longer lasting flowers. 


  • Carefully remove all packaging.
  • Keep the string tied around the stems if you want to retain the shape of the bouquets; remove it if you would like to arrange the flowers yourself.
  • Remove the gel that has been used to transport the bouquet before placing the stems in a vase of water. This can be done by rinsing the base of the stems with water.
  • Using a clean blade or scissors, cut 3cm off each stem at a 45-degree angle.
  • Place the bouquet in a clean vase that is large enough to allow the stems to reach at least halfway down. Fill three-quarters of the vase with lukewarm water and ideally add flower food. If you are using flower food, please do not use metal containers as metal can neutralise the food’s beneficial effects.
  • Remove any leaves and buds that are below the water level as these will decompose and contaminate the water, killing your flowers.
  • Your bouquet should be placed in a cool position, away from heating or cooling vents and appliances, direct sunlight or draughts.
  • Keep the flowers away from fruit as the gas that is given off when ripening will kill your flowers.
  • Add fresh water daily.

Arrangements and Hat Boxes

  • Do not allow the oasis foam that has been used to make your arrangement, dry out completely or become water logged.
  • Top up the water carefully with a small jug or glass of water every day, to ensure the flowers have a daily drink.