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Roses – What Does Each Colour Represent?

Have you ever asked yourself what the varying colours of roses represent? Well wonder no more, as in fact, each rose colour does have a significant different meaning; and they can be used in your bouquets to send to family, friends and loved ones expressing a variety of emotions.

Below we list a few of the various colours available – and explain what each one means:

Red Roses:

It is universally understood that red roses mean love and passion. A deep red rose is often thought to mean that you are ready for commitment, and in fact can symbolise a deeper bond than lighter coloured red roses. Whatever your message of love is, red roses are always seen as a big gesture to send to your partner.

Pink Roses:

The pink rose symbolises gratitude and admiration. The perfect choice for you to send to people you most appreciate. As with red roses, the darker the pink rose the higher you are expressing your appreciation, lighter pink roses are used more towards joy and gratitude.

Yellow Roses:

These are commonly known for expressing friendship. Yellow is warm and brings much happiness. It is interesting to know however that during Victorian times the yellow rose used to mean jealousy, however that meaning has been surpassed and is now a very common way now to express to a friend or loved one, that they make you happy 😊

White Roses:

Typically, white roses symbolise purity and grace. This is likely why they are a very popular choice within wedding bouquets. They, like red, are a romantic flower. In a more ivory shade of white, these roses also mean thoughtfulness, so again another fabulous choice if sending as a friendship flower.

Orange Roses:

The orange rose symbolises enthusiasm and energy. They are a great choice to send to someone who has recently had a promotion, or indeed just started a new job. Basically a ‘congratulations’ colour rose, bright and vibrant.

Purple Roses:

A rare colour to find, however the meaning of purple roses is enchantment, and indeed love at first sight. A beautiful find and gift should you be fortunate enough to find yourself in this position to be able to share with that extremely special person.

Green Roses:

A green rose represents nature, rejuvenation and fertility. A stunning colour to send to anyone to express hope. This also rare colour can often also be used to symbolise stability and balance.

Black Roses:

Traditionally a black rose would symbolise death and passing away. But this symbolism could also be altered and seen as an end to old habits or ways, and a movement into a new future.

Ultimately – what does a Rose symbolise?


We’ve learnt that each varying colour of a Rose has a different meaning; but ultimately the rose is known as a symbolism of love and romance. That classic red rose in particular. But understanding the uniqueness of each coloured rose can help you express and communicate every emotion, from ‘I love you’, to ‘I value you as a friend’ or indeed ‘Congratulations!’ using the variety of colour.


To find that perfect rose bouquet, do get in touch and we can help create a bespoke piece for you. Along with colour we’re happy to advise on which type of rose to use from a timeless ‘La Belle’ to a new beginnings bloom such as an ‘Avalanche’. 

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April 12, 2021 by Sherree Francis-Bryan