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The Top 5 White Wedding Flowers

The Top 5 White Wedding Flowers

Dreaming of your big day? Or are you already in full plan mode? The choice for your bouquet is a huge one, and here we are trying to help in your decision by listing the top 5 choices for ‘white’ wedding flowers. There are so many flowers to choose from, so it can be a hard decision for brides on what they want in their bouquet; and indeed what they may symbolise? Not only for your own bouquet – but you need to choose for your bridesmaids too.

So, below we have listed for you some top inspiration on best selling white flowers, a colour that will go with any ‘theme’ on your wedding day.

White roses

Roses are traditionally known for symbolising pure love. And the white rose is most certainly the star of the show when it comes to wedding flowers. With their undoubted romantic style, it is therefore not surprising that many brides choose these flowers to be in their bouquets.


White Roses For A Wedding By Sherree Francis Flowers

 White tulips

Tulips have always been popular at spring weddings, this is because of their elegance and indeed their affordability. We believe white tulips can look stunning in any bridal bouquet. They representing love and respect, and these beautiful flowers could also be lovely for your bridesmaids. Looking to delve deeper into the meanings behind tulips? Try this article inspired by the Amsterdam Tulip Festival.

White lilies

White lilies have been a favourite wedding flower for centuries. They look extremely elegant, and have an exquisite fragrance to them. According to the ancient Greek myth, they actually come from Hera, the queen of the gods and goddess of marriage. What a perfect choice then for your special day. Try this article about the symbolism of lilies to learn more.

White freesias

Freesias symbolise trust – and what better way to express that emotion than within your bridal bouquet with sweet smelling white freesias. Trust of course is a major part of any marriage, and these beauties shout just that!

5. White peonies

An extremely popular choice for the wedding bouquet, since they are a favourite of Meghan Markle. These beautiful flowers symbolise prosperity and good fortune. What better flower to include in your bouquet at the beginning of a happy marriage. For more fun facts, check out this article.

Still want some more wedding flower inspiration? Then why not take a look at what the biggest wedding flower trends are for this year. Here at Sherree Francis Flowers we offer a bespoke, tailored wedding flowers service to suit your every need.  

April 22, 2021 by Sherree Francis-Bryan