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Summer Flowers - Sherree Francis Flowers

Summer is just around the corner and it’s a prime time for beautiful, seasonal flowers. Choosing flowers that are in season means you are getting fresh, colourful blooms that actually cost less because they are in season. In the spirit of summer, we’ve rounded up our top five seasonal summer flowers.


Lisianthus flowers are sometimes overlooked but their subtle, gentle ruffles are refreshing in any bouquet. They are a member of the Gentianaceae family and related to Persian violets. They are fragrance free and therefore perfect for anyone with allergies. Try our ‘Busy Lizzies Pink Bouquet’ for a delightful combination of pink and white lisianthus blooms with seasonal foliage this summer.


Nothing says summer quite like a sunflower. They are bright, fun flowers with lots of positive energy. Sunflowers can be a fun statement piece for your table and look great in any vase. The French word for sunflowers is ‘tournesols’ which literally translates to ‘turned towards the sun’. They are usually yellow but can also be found in shades of orange.


Hydrangeas are a classic summer flower. They are featured heavily in traditional wedding flower arrangements and hold a strong feeling of gracefulness and sentimentality. Hydrangea means ‘water vessel’ in Greek and it’s no surprise as these flowers are known for being particularly thirsty. Our luxury hydrangea and peony bouquet features five exquisite purple hydrangeas as well as hot and light pink peonies- perfect for any summer evening.


Chrysanthemums (or ‘mums’) traditionally mean happiness and joy. There are thousands of varieties and enough colours to suit any colour palette. Chrysanthemums are actually edible and chrysanthemum tea is a popular drink made with the flower’s petals. They are a cheerful flower that can add a burst of colour to summer.


Summer would not be the same without the elegant rose. They are a perfect example of delicate beauty and have a sweet fragrance that matches the summer mood. Red roses are the universal symbol of love whilst pink roses can mean gratitude and gentleness. Celebrate the summer season and send your loved one our Antique Roses bouquet. The bouquet features cool water lilac roses, la bella light pink roses, gorgeous white avalanche roses and dark green ruscus foliage.

There are so many beautiful blooms associated with summer as the sun comes out and flowers are in their full glory. Looking to thank a friend or loved one? Send them a bouquet of flowers to show them just how much you care. Bask in the sun and posh up your picnic by bringing a selection of flowers with you.

Choosing in-season flowers means they are cheaper, fresher and better for the environment, so how could you not? We offer next day delivery on all fresh flower bouquets in London and 10% off your first order so treat yourself or send flowers next day to a friend.


June 01, 2021 by Sherree Francis-Bryan