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5 Stunning Bouquets (and the meanings behind them)

With summer on the way, there’s plenty to celebrate and whether you’re saying thank you, goodbye or just as a token of affection, we have a bouquet for you. So many flowers not only look beautiful but also have a deeper meaning behind them. Let’s look at some of our favourite flowers and the bouquets they make up, diving deeper into the meaning behind them.

White and Pink Roses

A classic and popular option, pairing white and pink roses together not only look stunning but also have a greater meaning. White roses often symbolise innocence and youthfulness but can also symbolise new beginnings. Different shades of pink roses can mean different things. A pale pink rose can symbolise grace, joy and happiness whilst a deeper, hot pink can mean gratitude and appreciation. Looking to say thank you with roses? Try our Antique Roses bouquet.

Purple Lilacs

Lilacs have their origin rooted in Greek mythology. The nymph, Syringa, turns herself into a lilac shrub to avoid being pursued by the god Pan. Today, a purple lilac symbolises new or first love. As the weather gets warmer, remind someone you love them with purple lilacs. Our Lilac Heaven bouquet perfectly mixes purple lilacs with stunning pink roses for a deeply romantic finish.

African Protea Flowers

These beauties are South Africa’s national flower and are named after the Greek god Proteus. There are 89 species of Protea in South Africa alone! They symbolise change and hope and come in a variety of bold, bright colours. Send this positive bouquet to a close friend to bring them joy. Our African Beauty Protea bouquet features red and yellow proteas and looks beautiful in any room.

Lisianthus Flowers

Delicate and graceful in nature, these flowers are often overlooked but they have a powerful meaning behind them. Overall, they symbolise appreciation, charm and charisma- so they are the perfect ‘thank you’ gift. Deep purple lisianthus flowers connote royalty and beauty. We’ve paired purple lisianthus flowers with cheerful yellow roses in our Rose and Lizzy bouquet, ideal for a friend who needs their day brightening.

Calla Lilies

The Calla Lily was named after the Greek word for beautiful. The most common meaning of them is purity and faithfulness. They are elegant, slightly unusual flowers that make a statement in any bouquet. The deep aubergine ones we’ve chosen in our Elegance Bouquet are stylish and connote charm and passion. This is one of our most popular bouquets and is perfect for celebrations like birthdays, weddings and promotions.

Which are your favourite flowers and what deeper meanings do they have? It is so lovely to send beautiful flowers and when there is a meaning behind them, it makes it all the more special. Order your bouquet online with next day online florist delivery available throughout London.

May 26, 2021 by Sherree Francis-Bryan